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Windows-based hosting is a popular choice for certain web applications and businesses due to its compatibility with Microsoft products and specific technologies. One of the primary reasons to choose Windows hosting is if the website or application relies on Windows-specific technologies such as ASP.NET, MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server), Access Database, or C#. These technologies are proprietary to Microsoft and are optimized to work best on Windows servers. ASP.NET, for instance, is a powerful framework for building dynamic web applications and is a compelling reason to opt for Windows hosting. Similarly, if a business's internal systems, like databases or applications, are built on Microsoft’s stack, choosing Windows hosting ensures seamless integration and performance.

Another reason to consider Windows-based hosting is its user-friendly interface. The Windows server environment typically offers a more familiar interface for those accustomed to Windows operating systems. This can make server management and software installation much simpler, especially for those without extensive experience in server administration. Windows hosting environments often include Plesk, a user-friendly control panel, which provides a graphical interface for managing websites, mail servers, and applications. This ease of use is a significant factor for businesses or individuals without a dedicated IT team.

Additionally, Windows hosting can be more suited for certain types of websites and applications. For example, if a website is designed to run on IIS (Internet Information Services), Microsoft's web server, or needs to integrate with other Microsoft products like Exchange or SharePoint, Windows hosting is the ideal choice. Moreover, some enterprise-level applications, especially those tailored for business environments, are specifically designed to run on Windows servers, making Windows hosting indispensable in these cases.

In contrast, Linux-based hosting is generally preferred for its open-source nature, which makes it a more cost-effective and flexible option. Linux servers are renowned for their stability and security and are commonly used for PHP, Perl, or MySQL-based applications. The choice between Windows and Linux hosting often boils down to the specific technologies and scripts that a website or application requires. While Linux hosting is typically the go-to for general-purpose web hosting due to its affordability and flexibility, Windows hosting is indispensable for those relying on Microsoft’s ecosystem and specific Windows-based applications.


Easy CGI
Easy CGI offers a range of Windows-based virtual hosting, reseller and colocation packages, with prices starting from $7.96/month. All packages offer PHP, ASP, Perl, JSP, Frontpage and ColdFusion support.

Virtual hosting packages available on Linux and Windows platforms for prices starting from $7.50 monthly. All packages include free setup/domain, Web builder software, unlimited email accounts, PHP, mySQL, CGI and FrontPage support.

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