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Reseller hosting is a unique type of web hosting that allows an individual or business to purchase hosting services from a provider and then resell them to their own clients. Essentially, it enables the reseller to act as a hosting provider without having to manage the infrastructure and technology underlying the service. In this model, the reseller purchases a bulk plan with a certain amount of resources (like disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, etc.) and then divides these resources into custom hosting packages for their clients. This setup is particularly attractive for web designers, developers, and agencies that already offer related services and wish to expand their business offerings.

One of the main attractions of reseller hosting is the potential for generating additional revenue. Since resellers can set their own pricing for the hosting services, they can potentially achieve significant profit margins. This is especially beneficial for those who have an existing customer base, such as web developers or designers, as they can easily integrate hosting services into their existing product offerings. Additionally, reseller hosting can help in building brand loyalty, as clients can receive a comprehensive package of services, including web hosting, from a single provider.

Another advantage of reseller hosting is the minimal investment required to start. Unlike traditional web hosting companies, resellers do not need to invest heavily in infrastructure, data centers, or technical staff. The main hosting provider typically handles the backend management, including server maintenance, software updates, and technical support. This allows resellers to focus on the business aspect marketing their services and supporting their clients without worrying about the technical complexities of hosting services.

However, there are challenges as well. Resellers must ensure that they choose a reliable and reputable hosting provider, as the quality of the services they resell will directly impact their reputation and customer satisfaction. Moreover, they need to possess or develop good customer service skills, as they will be the first point of contact for their clients' hosting-related issues. Additionally, the hosting market is highly competitive, and resellers must find ways to differentiate their services and add value to stand out.

To sum up, reseller hosting is an attractive option for those looking to expand their business offerings and generate additional revenue, particularly for those already in the web services industry. It offers a way to build a hosting business with minimal investment and infrastructure management. However, success in this area requires careful selection of a hosting provider, excellent customer service, and effective marketing strategies to compete in a crowded market.


Easy CGI
Easy CGI offers a range of Windows-based virtual hosting, reseller and colocation packages, with prices starting from $7.96/month. All packages offer PHP, ASP, Perl, JSP, Frontpage and ColdFusion support.

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